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About Us

Committed to Customer Care

Fuelcard Centre offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge, we are a family run business, with family values.

We have extensive connections in the fuel industry, if you need to a solution to fuel cards, AdBlue, Vehicle Tracking, we will place you with the right provider. And what's more if you have a query, we will deal with it, you will not get 'lost' in a big company.

Call for one of 'The Potter's'.

We do all the leg work, so you don't have to. Want to experience the expertise of Fuelcard Centre for yourself? Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Many thanks for reading.

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The Firm


Andrew Potter


I started in the Oil Industry in 1974 long before Fuel Cards were invented.  If you needed diesel in those days you had to have you own tank!  Over the years I worked my way up in the industry ending up as the National Sales manager for one of the Multi-National oil company’s.  In 1995 I saw an opportunity to start my own business in the fairly new Fuel Card market and have been here ever since.  Back then there was only 2 commercial Fuel Card systems.  These days we have loads of different fuel card solutions to ensure that our customers always have the best card for their needs.

Jan Potter


We started our family business in 1995 and worked together ever since.  My philosophy has always been that the customer always comes first and that our customers should only ever make just one call, email or text if they have a request or a problem; we solve it and report back the result.  Our personal approach is one of the unique points of our business growth.  When we first started it was all post & telephone marketing and I was posting out loads of letters and leaflets to gain new business.  It’s a bit different these days with email being the main thrust of our marketing effort.


Susan Potter


I started my career in acting and enjoyed doing that for several years, but I realised  I needed a new direction, to help people and businesses.  Those acting skills were very useful when I began my career in the family business, talking to people on the phone or face to face. I was surprised how well I worked with my parents, the toughest thing was to call them by their first name.  We all work really well together running the business and make decisions together.  If you call us, you’ll speak to me, Andrew or Jan.

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