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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before I receive my fuel card (s)?

We aim to get back to you within 21 working days with your fuel card. This can vary however, depending on the ease of the application process.

What if I lose my fuel card (s)?

It is essential that any loss or theft of your fuel card is reported to us or the fuel card provider immediately. You can notify us via phone, email. If your fuel card(s) has been taken and used without your consent, you will also be required to report the incident to the police who will provide you with a loss/crime reference. Once we have received your instruction, we will place the card on stop and notify you of this action.

What happens if I think I don’t qualify for Credit for a fuel card?

Our Various providers can offer a deposit account, that will allow you to build up your credit score and continue to draw fuel in the meantime.

When do I pay for my fuel?

Payment will be directly to our providers. The standard terms for payment are by Direct Debit seven days from each invoice, longer terms can be requested. Credit terms provided are subject to status.

How do I order additional fuel cards?

Please give us a call on 01525 300 040 or email us, with your account number, card embossing detail/s and garage network.

What are the benefits of working with Fuelcard Centre?

You will have one point of contact, you will not get lost or pushed from ‘pillar to post’, we deal with the best fuel card providers for your needs and give you a personal family value.
You have a question we will deal with it.

Do you deliver Adblue or lubricants in bulk?

Yes, we can arrange this, please call us for information.

Do you provide Vehicle Tracking?

Yes we can offer a variety of systems from low cost to multi-camera sophisticated systems according to your requirements.

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