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Blog 26: The only way isn’t EV as the Government are beginning to concede.

It’s one of the ways, not the only way!

EV’s have disadvantages in range, charging time & infrastructure and weight. 44 Tonne HGV’s will now be allowed to weight 50 Tonnes to allow for batteries. You can imagine the damage that may do to our already poorly maintained roads!

New Diesel vehicles will now be allowed for a few more years and it’s possible it will extend further after these false deadlines.

Hydrogen has been leaping forward as a practical and reasonable way forward. The UK has the infrastructure in existing garages. It’s as quick as diesel to refill and all the exhaust gives out is H2O; water. It seems a win-win situation, so let’s bring it on!
Here’s an extract from a ‘Fleet News’ article.

BP to help develop hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
for trucks

BP has signalled its commitment to the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure by joining H2Accelerate.

Its members are working towards the deployment of the hydrogen refuelling network required to support a pan-European hydrogen trucking system. It has been welcomed to the collaboration as a key future infrastructure provider for heavy-duty hydrogen vehicles.

Hannah Bryson-Jones, spokesperson for H2Accelerate, said: "BP has extensive experience and expertise across the deployment of hydrogen production and refuelling technologies. Combining that expertise with other hydrogen refuelling players and truck manufacturers, through the H2Accelerate collaboration, we can work together to accelerate the dawn of hydrogen trucking.

Hydrogen is seen as a low carbon energy source for transport. By working across a number of its businesses, BP says it intends to provide customers access to hydrogen along main road networks.
The UK Government has also announced funding for a hydrogen refuelling network to fuel supermarket deliveries in August. Two projects received a share of £8 million in Government funding to support and develop hydrogen-powered transport in the north-east of England.

So rather than rush into over-priced low range EV’s, it may be better to wait a while and see the development of Hydrogen powered vehicles and potential retro-fitting hydrogen systems to your existing ICE vehicles, saving loads of dosh!

Fuelcard Frank

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