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Blog 32- Down the Slippery Slope….. again!


Listening or watching the news these days can be a bit depressing and it’s tempting to switch over when it’s on. But perhaps we should keep an eye on some of it, you might be surprised by what news might have repercussions for the UK, especially the news from Gaza and Ukraine.  Conflicts like these affect World trade, especially oil, and if they escalate, fuel supplies that we all rely on every day may be affected.  It only takes a ‘spark’ if the opposing politicians are spoiling for a fight and all hell can be let loose.

Of course, it may all blow over and nothing may happen, but many people thought that in 1938, so I’d rather be prepared for the worst!  Remember the old saying; “Fail to prepare – prepare to fail”.

We’ve been involved in this industry since 1974 and have worked through two crises, both much smaller than these conflicts and in both cases supply shortage was a real problem, come to us for advice.

We’re living in uncertain times.  Every day on the news reminds us that we are living in uncertain times. What is certain, however, is that you can rely on The Fuelcard Centre for supplying the fuel cards you need, and we can help you with AdBlue too.

01525 300 040.

Sue, on Behalf of The Fuelcard Centre Ltd.

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