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Diesel & Petrol Cars and Vans to be banned by 2030?

Diesel & Petrol Cars and Vans to be banned by 2030?

My thoughts of the day.

NEWS HEADLINE: The Government has announced that new Diesel & Petrol powered cars & vans will be banned from 2030. The old saying is that the ‘devil is in the detail’, and so far we have few details. No doubt the ‘Green’ people will be celebrating, but do not celebrate too quickly! Why has the Government announced a ‘good news’ headline now? Is it designed to distract us from the real issues caused by politicians, as has been done so many times before in the history of governments.

Government Minister’s traditional policy has always been to try to hide unpalatable news with a positive announcement. So - what could be the bit of news they want to distract us from?

  • Could it be ‘cronyism’ in it is claimed by the opposition in awarding these COVID supply contracts to their ‘friends’?

  • Could it be the reported news of foreign entrepreneurs making millions of £’s in commissions from, it’s claimed ineptly placed contracts?

  • Could it be as simple as the BBC news crowed about, the PM getting rid of his closest advisors?

Or, which would be much more serious, could the Government have ‘sold us out’ to the EU on a Brexit trade deal, which would be BAD NEWS?

New Cars: Now does this mean ‘cars registered from 2030’, or new models? Back on the 1980’s good old BL/Rover Group increased the power output of the Rover SD1 V8 Vitesse, but they still left it registered as the 190bhp V8 engine even though it was actually achieving up to 220BHP.

Now usually a manufacturer would crow about this upgrade, but it would have cost BL/Rover vast sums of money applying for new type approvals and keeping within emission levels for that time, money which they didn’t have, so they kept quiet and just did a “nod, nod, wink wink” to customers. Similarly will the new regulations mean new cars as they are registered for the road, or new models?

Hybrid: These it seems are OK, though the announcements stated “some Hybrid” vehicles so again somewhat light on details. So in effect manufacturers will have to include an electric motor and a few batteries to existing models and they will still be able to sell them. The effect is to charge us much higher purchase prices for our vans and cars!

Advanced Fuels: Shell have released details of a new petrol grade that they have developed that reduces harmful emissions nearly to zero with re-tuned engines, other refiners will now doubt follow. Could this be an alternate answer? Perhaps vehicle manufacturers are developing ‘carbon storage’ onboard for cars/vans to take harmful exhaust emissions down to zero?

Could advanced fuels along with advanced engine systems make internal combustion engines as clean as electric? What will the Government do then? Will they allow derogations from the new draconian rules? Will they cut off noses to spite faces? We’ll have to wait and see.

Road Tax Revenue: What will the Government do to replace the revenue lost when all the petrol/diesel powered cars have gone? Last year Road Tax generated £40 billion and Road Fuel Duty added a further £28 billion. How is the Government to replace that? Those who think that EV’s at Zero Road Tax and Zero Road fuel Duty will prevail are sadly mistaken. The Government has to replace and increase that revenue somehow?

Enter “Road Price Charging” this is I believe the way that these lost taxes will be replaced. For example; If you venture out in rush hour(s) on a main road or motorway you may find yourself paying, say £5 per mile. If you’re on a rural road at 3am on a similar scale, it may be 5p per mile. HGV’s will pay more than vans or cars.

What about charging for foreign vehicles? Will it be free for them or will they pay a tariff as well?

Whatever it ends up being, you will pay, and pay dear and that will happen whichever party is in Government at the time! Plus…. Big Brother will know where you are 24/7/365…. Let the civil rights mob get their thoughts around that one; BECAUSE IT’S COMING!

A Potter

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