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Which Fuel card? Difference in Prices. .

Updated: May 12, 2022

In Our first Blog I will be briefly talking about...

Fuel cards; Are you confused in what fuel card to get? Here is some honest advise.

Why does the pump price differ from fuel cards?

Are you confused in what fuel card to get?

If you have never had a fuel card before and are confused by the options given to you, you may think, “I need a fuel card that is accepted everywhere”. However, how many of the fuel stations would you actually use?

We are all creatures of habit, if you never travel near an Esso garage, then why would you need an Esso card? Ask yourself basic questions, “what do I really need in a fuel card?”

And “Where will the fuel card realistically be used?”

We will also be straight with you, if we think that a fuel card will not benefit you, we will tell you straight, we will not waste your time. We always hope we can help.

Get the right card for the right result!

The Fuelcard Centre Limited family team can help.

Call them on 01525 300 040 or email

Why does the pump price differ from fuel cards?

All of our fuel cards work in the Commercial system with weekly prices generated from the Rotterdam Spot Market. Whatever the market does daily, the buyers of the fuel take an average price of that, which generates our price for the following week.

Whereas at the pump, the price everyday motorists see has other factors to consider. Local competition or not, a price that draws the customer into the shop, so they can buy other goods such as food and drink.

For example we could take any retail brand, say BP. Now the pump price at one of their prime Bunker garages may be £1.79 per litre inc VAT, but you could draw the same diesel at the same garage with our Fuel Card for say £1.46 per litre inc VAT.

The saving is even more on Motorways. Again for example you may stop at Toddington Services on the M1 and if you pay cash or credit card for your diesel you’d pay today £1.99(.9) per litre but with our Fuel card you’d still only pay that £1.46 per litre. Doesn’t take much working out which I’d rather have?

In Conclusion

We at The Fuelcard Centre Limited, can help advise you of what fuel cards are suitable to your business, unless you already know what you already need, we will also tell you straight if we think a fuel card is not suitable. All fuel is the same it’s just how you buy it. Commercial fuel cards are great for businesses and can help companies save money.

(Edited 2022)

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