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Fuel Rockets 🚀

Here at The Fuelcard Centre Ltd, we often see headlines about the high price of petrol & diesel. It’s usually when the media are lacking any new ‘News’, so they bring out “The Dead Donkey” and dust him off, to borrow a well know phrase, and many of these occasions it’s the Oil Industry that gets picked on with old stories given a quick and often inaccurate makeover!

This time it’s a bit different and a lot better as its Martin Lewis, the well-known Financial Guru joining in. Now Martin Lewis is well respected and we at The Fuelcard Centre Ltd support his efforts to advise us how to reduce our costs of living, he does a great job and this article on the emailout for Money Saving Expert, we support most heartily, so trust that they won’t mind us passing the link on to you so that you can perhaps benefit from its advice as well.

If you’ve read my previous blogs, and I’m sure that you have (*if not go to and go to ’Blogs’) you’ll know that The Fuelcard Centre Ltd is constantly advising on the way to get best value from your necessary road fuel purchases.

  • We’ve advised you how to ‘Hedge’ your diesel needs over a year to freeze your price.

  • We’ve introduced the best commercially priced fuel cards to you.

  • We’ve revealed how some fuelcard providers add ‘hidden costs’ to their weekly invoices that are sometimes difficult to spot so you end up paying a lot more than you think.

  • We’ve even given blogs on mis-representations of EV vehicle adverts proving that presently they are more expensive to run than diesel vehicles and that range anxiety is a real worry for any business user. They’ll no doubt get there in the end but why should you pay excessive amounts for their developments now? Here’s something you may not realise. The WLTP figures quoted for EV range is calculated from 100% full battery to 0% battery! How many of us drive our diesel vans to empty and then push them to a garage to fill up?

So if it says on the van, WLTP 82miles, that’s 100% to 0% and with no load or lights/aircon/heater, so in reality probably best work on about a 45 miles real range.

So if you want good solid Fuelcard advice from an independent fuelcard business with experience going back to 1974, and with you, our customer at the forefront of our efforts, call, text or email us now. Speak to Susan or Andrew, and I promise that you won’t be kept waiting, on hold, listening to dreadful ‘lift music’.

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