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Have you considered Hydrogen instead of an EV?

It seems that the Environmental Protest Groups are against anyone using a diesel or petrol vehicle and so I’m so surprised they are actually promoting Electric Vehicles (EVs) because the battery components are also damaging the environment and potential loss of some exotic animals with the mining of lithium.

I don’t know why, but hydrogen vehicles popped into my mind this morning whilst having a traditional British cup of tea opening up my emails for the day. I wondered, what is a hydrogen vehicle? How is it made? And is it safe if it was it to be involved in a crash? (Unlike the possibility of an EV having their battery cells explode if one dented or pierced in a crash). I feel that is one safety concern, when it comes to buying a new vehicle.

All that comes out the exhaust is... a few drops of water!

What impresses me the most is, that you can fuel up one of these Hydrogen vehicles (as a website I found in my research stated) in less than five minutes, which means less waiting to continue your journey and possibly get to that important business meeting on time, without wasting your time (like trying to charge an EV does). So far in 2022 there are just not enough of the re-fulling stations for these Hydro vehicles about, although it seems that some Companies, including Shell, are starting to invest in Hydro.

In Britain there are currently 14 hydrogen filling stations open to the public, 1 more in Ulster.

Until there are more hydrogen filling stations in the country with a better infrastructure on major routes and bigger towns, for all sorts of vehicle sizes, I will not be investing in one of these vehicles.

I will also not be investing in any EV’s, as again the infrastructure is currently not there and you have to wait hours for a ‘re-fuel’, the National Grid cannot cope with the sudden demand of EV’s meaning we only have to look forward to ‘Black outs’ and finally as I said before the lithium mines in places such as Australia, Chile, China & Argentina are ruining their countryside to make the ‘environment’ for the world a better place. In my opinion, I don’t think so! (That’s my rant done).

So for now, I’ll stay with the trusty Diesel and Petrol vehicles, and I will keep using my fuel cards to buy the fuel, which only takes a few minutes to re-fuel and I can be on the road again, without putting too much pressure on the UK Power Grid.

Thanks for reading.

S Potter.


There are currently two hydrogen fuel cell cars available for the UK: A Hyundai Nexo and the Toyota Mirai. Information found on

Hyundai Nexo- Range 266 miles (Approx) 0-62 in 9.2 seconds (£65,995)


Toyota Mirai Range 400 miles (Approx) 0.62 in 9.0 Seconds (£65,920)




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