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Is Diesel & Petrol really so expensive?

Diesel: When we fill up at a garage and see £1.19 p per litre we shudder at the outrageous cost! We mostly know that the vast majority goes in tax to the Government but we still end up with a bill for £70 or so. But is that quite as expensive as we think?

Beer: Now I like a good pint of best bitter like many people and on a hot day the occasional pint of lager, and at about £4 a pint it slips down easily….. but £4 a pint, that’s £32 a gallon or £7.03 per litre, and whereas a litre of diesel from my local Shell garage will take me about 45 miles in my car. A litre of beer will only take me about a mile….. walking back home!

Paint: Thinking of painting your room a nice shade of Magnolia? Want to do it well in posh paint? Well you may like to consider the cost. Farrow & Ball emulsion in B&Q will cost you £19.80 per litre and will cover 8575 linear metres assuming a 6” brush, still quite a way short of the 45 mile target with diesel in the car; and you’d end up with a lot of back-ache bending over for 8575 metres!

Washing Up Liquid: Now hands that do dishes can do them for £1.74 per litre at Tesco’s. Now lets assume that 5ml will wash 6 plates. That means that 1 litre will do 6000 plates. Now assuming we’re dealing with 10” plates and we line them up we can go 0.94459 miles, so definitely a long way short of our 45 mile target in the car, and you’ll still have softer hands.

Bottled Water: Evian mineral water in 500ml bottles works out at £1.30 per litre, so just a smidge more expensive than Diesel. However could you run 45 miles on 1 litre of water? I think not! Actually the running bit is much better achieved in my car, especially for 45 miles and I can listen to Queen or Dire Straits as I meander along. Incidentally, have you ever thought what they call that group if Dire Straits teamed up with Chris Rea?.... Nah, me neither!

Wine: This can vary massively depending on quality, grape and brand name. I’m no connoisseur but I do like a glass (*for glass read bottle) or two and these days find that I have to pay about £9 on average for a slug of reasonable plonk. That works out at £12 a litre and if I consume a litre of wine I doubt I could walk 1 mile let alone 45 or so the diesel in the car can manage, looks like the car win again. And cars never get a hangover.

Conclusion: The various Governments down the decades may well have been and are ripping us off, charging tax on the tax on the product, and some fuel suppliers may be making an excessive profit from us as well, but Diesel is still great value at £1.19 ish per litre. You can of course reduce that cost much further and make it even cheaper and better value.

Have a look at and see what we can do to reduce your costs.

Email us at or call us on 01525 300040.

Susan or Andrew will guide you down the best path for your business to improve your fuelcard buying.


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