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Blog 21 - Just Stop, Just stop Oil Protests.

This article is a little moan at these Just Stop Oil irritants and the future solution.

As you may have seen the latest Just stop Oil protesters stopped the M25. A disruption to not only businesses trying to shift their goods around the country, but everyday folk and emergency services. What these terrorists, and that is what they are, don’t seem to understand is that Oil comes out the ground in many different forms, from Glasses you wear, to shoes on your feet. It’s not use vehicles that use oil. Even the Electric Vehicles have Oil made products in them, and the Lithium used in the batteries are making more of a mess of forests around the world than they could comprehend.

I trust (well hope) the police will ‘throw the book’ at these individuals, who think it’s perfectly okay to ruin someone else’s day, to throw paint (which is ironically partly made from oil), glue themselves to the road (gluing with the base compound of ... you know what I’m typing... Oil), that’s right. I will never understand why these beings think it’s okay to ruin art, architecture, and the more stopping traffic, especially in winter or on cool days, people want to stay warm, so will keep their engines running, thus going opposite to the stop oil thing. Oil was found and it can never be unfound.

I think even if there was a different way to fuel a vehicle these people would find another way to protest, bringing us back to the dark ages.

In an interview on 3Counties Radio today their spokesman said that they want “the Government to not renew any oil extraction licences, the last of which expires in 8 years time”. Simple eh? Not really, what happens then? What if the renewables aren’t in place to heat, light and fuel the whole of the UK? Do we just switch them off? Not intelligent thinking for a very small group who claim they are the only adults in the UK who can see the whole story! They don’t believe in democracy; they demand a dictatorship where everyone has to do as they say!

There are not too many options for a quick re-fuel, which is what companies need when they are on a tight time schedule, as everyone wants their products, transport, or a contractor ‘yesterday’.

If the government can just push Hydrogen fuel the UK only has 15 re-fuelling stations. The fuel up time is less than 5 minutes for a tank of this, and what comes out of the exhaust is H2o. At the moment the Hydrogen is by private investment companies.

The UK Government does have a plan for Hydrogen, but the EV revolution is pushing this technology whist the world still has its resources.

With the predictions of nation-wide blackouts, is the EV vehicles really the way to go? Also having to charge your vehicle in ‘quiet’ hours, so the national power grid wont overload.

The future I predict should be hydrogen. As soon as there are more hydrogen stations more widely available, that is when we (or the UK Government) should invest in them. This should hopefully be a slightly cheaper pence per litre (ppl) at the pumps.

However, in conclusion, until the Hydrogen network expands, keep using the more convenient type of fuel, to keep your business moving, and that’s the classic diesel and petrol. Look after your own Company’s interest, and not what others tell you need to do, in this woke generation.

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Fuelcard Frankie

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