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The 2020 Autumn Budget... Will Rishi Sunak risk a Sunny Budget?

Some say it’s looking more likely that Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, will try and delay the Autumn budget until at least spring 2021 as indicated in ‘ UK Reuters .

There is high anxiety in sending all children back to school in September, and this seems to be the main reason for delaying the budget just in case the UK goes through a second wave.

In the meantime, the government is committed to reduce carbon emissions further, even though the COVID crisis has achieved that a bit. It is my point of view that until the manufactures of electric vehicles that have a longer mileage range, a lower initial cost and a quicker re-fulling time, electric commercial vehicles will not be a viable option for the road transport industry.

If the UK should go through a second lockdown, this could have a crippling affect of all businesses from small to large, and I would be surprised that the government would be able to support people of furlough for an extended period. If we were to furlough again this could drive the price of fuel down, as less people buying fuel causes excess stocks and prices are depressed, good news for us all in the short term, but reduced revenue for the Oil producers and the Government, so long term not so good news!

I would like to hope that the Autumn budget meeting goes ahead in October, and we as road users are not hit with a fuel tax increase, for the time being at least. If the budget does not go ahead as speculation around would indicate, our road fuel tax will stay the same until the next meeting in spring 2021. Will Rishi Sunak risk a Sunny Budget? We'll just have to watch this space.

Let’s have a ‘clap’ for the road transporters: I’d like to see either a delay of the next budget announcement to Spring 2021, or no change to Fuel Duty and Road Tax. The majority of our customers helped the UK so much during the COVID pandemic by keeping on working when many businesses couldn’t. They need all the help they can get. If it wasn’t for the Hauliers, Couriers, Medical Transports and the like, this country would have come to an abrupt stand still before now.

We at The Fuelcard Centre salute you and thank you all.

We can only hope that we do not go through another lockdown, as long as people keep their distance from each other, wear face masks (Over nose and mouth) and wash hands.

Stay safe and keep your social distance or as they say on the London Underground, ‘Mind the Gap’.

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